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1.     About our products

The products at CoolMess are from local bakeries and creameries.

2.     Do your products contain any major allergens?

The base for the ice cream experience is gluten-free, egg-free, and nut-free.  Depending on the flavor we do have allergy friendly scooped ice cream; the sorbet is dairy-free, as well. 

Our scooped ice cream is produced in a facility with nuts so those with severe allergies should abstain from consumption.  CoolMess is not a nut-free environment.  Please let your ice cream consultant know if you have any allergies and they will be happy to guide you.  For severe allergies please call 24 hours in advance so we can be prepared for your arrival.

3.     How do you make the ice cream?

Our ice cream making is a very simple but exciting process that people of all ages can enjoy.  At CoolMess you make your ice cream at your table in our ice cream machines!  First you pick one of our vanilla or chocolate bases, and then you pick the mix-ins you want to put in it.  Put them all in the machine and just sit back.   In minutes you will have a custom mixed frozen delight!  In addition, we have some great recipes to choose from if you don’t want to create your own flavor.

4. Is it only ice cream?

At CoolMess not only do we have ice cream but we have food too!  We are located on the second floor of a Burger Heaven restaurant and have the same exact menu.  Check it out at www.BurgerHeaven.com

5.     Are your products Kosher?

 CoolMess' products are not certified Kosher.  If you would like to have a kosher CoolMess party we now have kosher pizza and kosher ice cream base!   Please call for further details. 

6.     Is it messy?

The ice cream experience is no messier than eating an ordinary sundae.  The ice cream machine contains most of the mess so you won’t end up too sticky while creating your flavor.

7.     How many people can make ice cream?

 Each batch of ice cream is $29.99 and can feed up to 3 people.  More than 3?  We would love for you to make more than one flavor, however, we understand not everyone loves ice cream as much as we do!  If your group is above 3 per machine and you would like to make less batches you will be subject to a $10/person fee after the first 3 people.

8.     Is the ice cream experience child friendly?

The ice cream experience is very child friendly!  We recommend children be 3+ when participating in the experience with parental guidance. 

9.     Do I need a reservation?

No, at CoolMess there are no reservations required.  However, if there is a private party or event the ice cream experience may not be available.  Please call ahead to check for availability NYC: (212) 355-9834 or Roslyn: (516) 801-2665.

10.     Can I bring the ice cream home?

Sure! Both the ice cream you create and the scooped flavors can be brought home.

Feel free to call us at (212) 355-9834 (NYC) or (516) 801-2665 (Roslyn) with any additional questions you may have.